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Nishit Kotak

Nishit Kotak

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Frequently asked questions

We add FAQ as they come, but if you have any good suggestions right now, please add.

1. Can I upgrade from Customer to Distributor?

– Yes, by signing up as a Distributor, you would become a Distributor with new ID-no for Distributor and the sponsor you choose.

2. Do I have to log out?

– No your session will still be opened, but we strongly recommend that you always log out if you are on a public computer. If you are on your private PC, tablet or mobile phone, you may decide not to log out. (Compare how google+ or facebook works).

3. Will my items in my basket be removed if I log out?

– No the products will remain in your basket until you finish the order at the checkout.

4. Will the customer get an invoice from GNLD?

– They will receive receipt directly from the webshop. If they ask for an invoice, we will print it.